Rolling Stone Should be Shredded for "Boston Marathon Bomber" Cover

The majority of American’s don’t waste their money on magazines. Nowadays, the only purpose for tabloids like the Rolling Stone Magazine is for those of us who easily get bored walking through the check-out aisle at the grocery store. Thus, the internet has made magazines irrelevant and some publications are fighting the overpowering web.

For of those of you who don’t know, the “Boston Marathon Bombings” happened nearly three months ago to the day. However, Rolling Stone made the headlines on Wednesday by unveiling an issue with none other than Dzhokhar Tsarnev on the cover. At 19 years old, Tsarnev is facing the death penalty after recently being charged with 30 counts of federal indictment for his involvement in the devastating bombings.

In the defense of Rolling Stone, Tsarnev’s troubling past and sinful lifestyle made for a very edgy and informational inside look at one of the  youngest villains in America’s history. With that being said, the bombing are still too fresh in everyone’s to have his face splattered across a famous magazine like Rolling Stone. So many people in the United States and the world in genera,l make the right decisions and help out those in needs — it’s the helpers of the planet that should be recognized, not the mass murders.

Putting Tsarnev’s photo on the cover caused numerous boycotts, so many now think that Rolling Stone has shot itself in the foot with this particular stunt.

On the other hand, for the first time in months millions of people are paying attention to a magazine, which is exactly what the rogue publication was trying to accomplish.

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