Fast Pitch: Athletes Changing Names, Golfer Breaks Camera, MLB Players to NASCAR?

Thomas Bjorn Hits Camera During 2013 British Open

Watching golf in high-definition television is truly an absolute treat. However, Thomas Bjorn is doing his best to make sure the folks at home can’t watch him swing. OK not really, but ESPN lost a $80,000 camera on Wednesday after a Bjorn-struck golf ball shattered the lens. Check out Andrew Fischer’s article to access the damage yourself and maybe hand the infamous network a donation of sorts.

10 MLB Players Who Belong in NASCAR

Blending professional sports is never easy and it’s especially difficult when one involves a baseball and the other is racing. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders both played in the MLB and NFL, but what if the stud athletes tested their hands in the NASCAR circuit? Renae Juska gives us a rundown of 10 MLB players who are must likely to ditch the diamond for the racetrack.

Metta World Peace and the 5 Most Ridiculous Name Changes in Sports

Sports aren’t about the name on the back of the jersey, but when athletes are changing their name left and right it’s still pretty distracting! When Ron Artest decided he would change his name to Metta World Peace, the entire world lost multiple brain cells. With that being said, their are players over the years who have chosen to nix their first or last name for something more appealing. Isaac Comelli did us all a favor and made fun of the man formerly known as Ron Artest, so check out his article out along with the countless others currently available at the clubhouse section.