Justin Bieber's Plans Foiled: Boston Bruins Block Off Dressing Room

Everyone knows that downtime in the NHL comes from the beginning of July all the way until training camp starts back up in September. Therefore, the offseason is usually filled with a few peculiar and off-the-wall stories. As crazy as it sounds: Justin Bieber‘s whereabouts have become a top-priority for anyone who follows the game of hockey.

The fact that JB is commanding so much attention just goes to show that the sports world obsesses over pop stars like screaming 13-year-old girls. The funny thing is that so many “tough guys” are in the realm of sports and always are the first ones to ridicule Bieber for his haircut or rather girly voice.

When Bieber stomped on the infamous Chicago Blackhawks logo this summer NHL fans across the globe went nuts. Yes — they went mad over a blasted patch of carpet. Keeping that in mind, the Boston Bruins did something this weekend that just shows how many NHL teams have a bad case of “Bieber fever.”

On Saturday, Bieber had a show at the TD Garden where the Bruins have played their home games since 1996. Given the ruckus that the Biebs made by stepping on the Blackhawks logo, the Bruins weren’t taking any chances on having their foolish stitch of carpet tarnished by one of the most successful singers of all time. Thus, Boston decided to close off the Bruins large “B” with ropes, just so Bieber couldn’t step on it.

This is an obvious shot at Chicago, who was apparently cursed by JB’s presence. Too bad offseason stunts like this aren’t going to win the Bruins the 2013 Stanely Cup, because that will forever reside in the Windy City and there is nothing that Boston can do about it.

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