Landon Donovan Playing His Rear End Off, Wants USA World Cup Nod

Far too often, the sports world makes too big of a deal about players being left off of meaningless All-Star teams.

To be honest: most players could care less about an exhibition game and would rather have a few days off, anyway. With that being said, there are times when athletes feel unappreciated and therefore reach a new level of play unknown to us all.

In this scenario, Landon Donovan is upset about not being on the United States of America‘s roster during their three World Cup qualifiers in June and two exhibition games.

When it comes to United States soccer, no one has been more influential to the game than Donovan, so he could have really taken this snub to heart and vocalized his displeasure. Instead, No. 10 took the high road and let his play on the field do all of the talking in Sunday’s match against El Salvador in the Gold Cup.

Donovan got a lot of flack for his recent hiatus from the game that made him famous, yet the notion that the superstar isn’t “in love with the game” seems idiotic at this point. On Sunday, Donovan nailed home a goal and had three assists to help propel the US to a 5-1 victory over an underrated El Salvador team.

To shove it in the naysayer’s faces, Donovan raddled off a great post-game quote that shows his current state of mind:

“I’m just having a lot of fun.”

I can’t wait to see how much fun Donovan is going to have if and when he’s put back on the US World Cup roster.

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