Tiger Woods Chokes Again at 2013 British Open, Will Never be the Same

Tiger Woods used to be the man, but not anymore. It’s plain and simple — there are no ifs, ands or buts about it: the man just doesn’t have it anymore. That’s not to say he’s a bad golfer — he’s still one of the world’s best — but he’s no longer the best. The Tiger of old is no more.

If you doubt that, watch one of the countless replays of the 2013 British Open and pay close attention to how Tiger simply fades as the tournament goes on. Sure, he actually climbed the leaderboard heading into the final round, but that wasn’t because he was playing better — it was Muirfield Golf Club living up to its reputation. Tiger’s score got progressively worse through each round, yet he was still in prime position to pounce and simply couldn’t.

Tiger was two strokes off the lead when the final round began and he finished five behind winner Phil Mickelson. In his 14 major championships, Tiger has never come from behind to win. That’s a huge blemish to his otherwise incredible legacy up to his last major win in 2008. Since then? He’s just a more popular version of Sergio Garcia.

Say what you want, but Tiger is done. Blame it on the elbow, age, stress, the lack of hookers or anything else, but he’s simply not the greatest golfer on the planet anymore and he never will be again. Sure, he might win a 15th — and last — major before it’s all said and done, but Jack Nicklaus‘ record of 18 is safe for at least another quarter-century.