Winners, Losers, Aftermath of Matt Garza Trade From Chicago Cubs to Texas Rangers

It finally happened. On Monday, Matt Garza was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Texas Rangers in exchange for prospects and starting pitcher Justin Grimm. But now what happens in Chicago and Texas?

The Cubs are continuing their futuristic youth movement, which is a good thing. Most knowledgeable Cubs fans are happy the team ridded itself of Garza’s expiring contract and got something in return. Sure, he was a crowd favorite, but everyone knows he would have split town at the end of the year. The Cubs got good return for Garza and have a bright future ahead of them.

For the Rangers, it’s an all-in situation. The trade for Garza could end up being a rental if he leaves in free agency after this season. So if Texas doesn’t win the World Series this year and the right-hander splits town, it will be considered a close-but-no-cigar move just like the Cliff Lee trade in 2010. Of course, there’s also the possibility Garza will sign a long-term deal with the Rangers, but for a team that already has a bonafide ace, contract negotiations are going to be tough.

So obviously there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding this trade. Who do you think won the Garza trade? Comment below and let us know!