Alex Rodriguez Facing Lifetime Ban as MLB Rules With a Rock-Hard Fist

The last time that MLB used the words “lifetime ban” it was referring to Pete Rose. Here we are 24 years later and it’s looking like Rose is going to have some company in baseball’s “Hall of Hell.”

Despite a few similarities, the two case are built on entirely different sins.

In 1989 Rose was canned for rapid gambling on and against the Cincinnati Reds, whom Rose managed from 1984-89. There are many debate topics in baseball and one of the biggest is whether or not Rose deserves a spot in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. If I had a vote I would be penciling in Rose’s name each and every year because of how hard the 17-time All-Star played the game.

Moving on, Alex Rodriguez is the player that could make Rose look like a saint. A-Rod has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs in the past, but the third baseman could be facing a lifetime ban from MLB for his latest involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. When Ryan Braun got suspended for 65 games on Monday, many baseball fans called it the calm before the storm. Considering the amount of evidence MLB claims they have on A-Rod, it could easily throw Rodriguez out of the game forever and make Braun’s suspension look tame.

It wouldn’t be America if we didn’t have a fair trial, yet MLB commissioner Bug Selig has talked a tough game this entire time and you know he would want nothing more than for A-Rod to vanish right off of the diamond.

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