Matt Kemp's Criticism of Ryan Braun Should be Just the Beginning

Somebody in L.A. give Matt Kemp a high-five for me. The Los Angeles Dodgers‘ often-injured star spoke out about Ryan Braun‘s suspension, saying the Milwaukee Brewers‘ juiced-up slugger should be stripped of his MVP award from 2011 since he didn’t earn it fairly. Have you noticed that no one has told Kemp to sit down and shut up? There’s a reason for that.

Braun should not only have his MVP award stripped in addition to the suspension, but he should be banned from baseball for life. Maybe if MLB would start making examples out of blatant cheaters who lie about their illegal actions, the game would have less of a problem with PEDs.

Let me paint the picture for you: Braun won’t play for the rest of this season and he’ll lose $3 million during that time. He’ll also get an eight-month vacation and then come back to a $120 million contract and business as usual in 2014. This whole thing looks like a glorified slap on the wrist now, doesn’t it?

See, Kemp knows what he’s talking about: Braun should be absolutely blasted and made an example to all in the sport who think cheating is okay. It would just take one and Braun is a perfect choice to make baseball a better game.

Hey, keep your eyes on that silver lining, Ryan — just in case MLB wises up and tosses you for good.