Alex Rodriguez Calls New York Yankees' Bluff, Shoots Down Quad Injury

It’s like high school all over again in the Bronx: Alex Rodriguez‘s doctor is claiming that A-Rod doesn’t have anything wrong with his calf and is capable of playing in MLB games. Well this is awkward…the Yankees just said on Tuesday that despite his 20-day rehab stint, A-Rod has a Grade 1 Quad Strain and must stay away from the game for a at least a week.

While Rodriguez isn’t exactly a model citizen, it’s looking more and more like the New York Yankees are acting shady once again. It’s no secret: the Yankees don’t want No. 13 on the diamond because of how much trouble the guy has made on and off of the field. Not to mention, the Yanks could save a ton of cash if indeed Rodriguez sits out for the rest of the season.

Getting back to the doctor who A-Rod saw for his apparently injured calf: Michael Gross claims that Rodriguez is in good shape, but Gross was just reprimanded by the state of New Jersey for malpractice. So, before you start painting the third baseman as the victim, keep in mind that a quad strain is something that reportedly doesn’t cause pain. For example, Derek Jeter is on the disabled list for the same exact injury and said that he felt fine, but the MRI said something entirely different.

Unfortunately, the level of trust between the Yanks and Rodriguez is lower than ever before and this saga is only going to get nastier.

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