Ranter X: Why Would the New York Jets Sign Braylon Edwards?

Do the New York Jets want to win football games? Because last time I checked, the entire purpose of signing players during the offseason was to help make the team better. So why on earth would the New York Jets bring back Braylon Edwards for the third time?

It clearly didn’t work out the first two attempts–so does New York the third time is going to be the charm and Braylon is going to magically emerge and display Calvin Johnson type numbers? The Jets were already the laughing stock of the league for thinking Mark Sanchez is  the savior they’ve been waiting for and now they want to give Edwards another shot?

The only chance of Edwards breaking 1,000 yards next season is in the virtual world by playing the latest version of Madden on Play Station, X Box or whatever crazy system you kids are using these days. If the Jets were smart, they would realize that bringing Edwards on board is a complete waste of time and there’s no way his presence will help turn around a passing game that ranked near the bottom of the league in 2012.

New York just keeps finding new ways for us to make fun of them and if they think the addition of Edwards is going to pay off–they’re in for a rude awakening next season and will most likely struggle in the AFC East.