Biogenesis Suspensions Linger; Alex Rodriguez is the Next Domino to Fall

The landscape of MLB is about to change forever.

For months we have all been held captive by MLB commissioner Bud Selig, yet he’s getting closer to handing out the long-awaited suspensions connected to the Biogenesis scandal in which we’ve all been waiting for. The league-wide purge of cheaters is imminent and now the waiting game appears to be coming to a close. In fact, reports say that the looming suspensions for 15-plus players will be finalized this week. Therefore, players like Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Peralta and Bartolo Colon could all be hit with 50 or 100-game suspensions before the month of August.

Oddly enough, Ryan Braun was punished by Selig last week to the tune of 65 games — the rest of 2013 — which is a rather unique suspension.

Hopefully there is some consistency in these suspensions as the last thing I want to see is a first-time offender like Peralta get canned for 50  games while Braun got hit with a 65-game suspension just because. In addition, MLB most focus on everyone who is at fault and not punish the stars more simply because they’re stars.

Obviously, the biggest name in this investigation is Rodriguez, who finds himself in a world of hurt as a total criminal and absolute cheater. Evidently, A-Rod faces a step suspension due to his admitted use from 2001-03 and his recent obstruction of the case involving Tony Bosch.

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