Landon Donovan Has to be on 2014 World Cup Roster After 2013 Gold Cup Performance

By this point, everybody in and out of the soccer world has given their two cents on Landon Donovan‘s place on Team USA’s 2014 World Cup roster. Well, put simply, Donovan has absolutely taken his game to the next level since being left off the World Cup qualifier roster and put the icing on the cake during the U.S. Men’s National Team’s win over Panama to take home the 2013 Gold Cup title. Dude should be on the World Cup roster!

Look, we can sit here and rant and rave about how Donovan is the face of U.S. soccer and a living legend — because he is. But the evidence is in the enchiladas, folks: The man is playing arguably better than he ever has and he’s got the Golden Ball to prove it after scoring five goals and recording seven assists in the Gold Cup tournament. There’s absolutely no way he should be off the field in the 2014 World Cup roster!

It’s not about principal, it’s not about loyalty and it’s not about politics; Donovan is the best player in the United States of America so it would simply be foolish to leave him off the team competing in the most important soccer competition in the history of the country.

If Team USA wants to win, Donovan has to be on the field. Period.