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Top 5 Landing Spots for Omer Asik in Possible Houston Rockets Trade

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Omer Asik Landing Spots

Omer Asik Landing Spots

Omer Asik is one of the most complex players in the NBA. With a ton of potential, Asik is a seven-foot center who is going to have his development stunted by the one and only Dwight Howard. The Houston Rockets had to know that Asik wouldn't like playing second-fiddle to the "Dwightmare" in 2013, yet they probably didn't expect for Asik to demand a trade.

Either way, Asik has been vocal about his unhappiness and "formally" asked for a trade earlier in July. With that being said, a few NBA teams are going to be enticed by the Rockets' center and be willing to surrender a first-round draft pick or two.

The biggest issue for Houston is the fact that the Rockets owe Asik over $20 million in the next two seasons combined. In fact, Asik is getting a huge payday in 2014 as the Rockets are on the books to give the 27-year-old $14.8 million. While it is large chunk of change, NBA teams are always desperate for a big man and the price tag doesn't scare everyone away.

For instance, what do the Sacramento Kings have to lose by trading for Asik? Sacramento has been dying for a professional center who can compete on a nightly basis and to be frank, the Kings' defense has been downright pitiful in recent seasons. Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro should be calling the Rockets and asking about Asik as we speak.

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5. New Orleans Pelicans


Let's start with the New Orleans Pelicans. Here's a team that just dealt away Robin Lopez and could use a guy in the middle to pair with Antony Davis. Asik would fit perfectly with a rebuilding Pelicans squad.

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4. Portland Trail Blazers


It's no mystery, LaMarcus Aldridge isn't happy with the Portland Trail Blazers, so why not deal him and get Asik in return? The Trail Blazers are No. 4 and should be on the phone immediately as Asik is the kind of center they need moving forward.

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3. Boston Celtics


Halfway home with the Boston Celtics at No. 3. This is a team with a ton of draft picks and if the Celtics play their cards right they could easily get Asik on the cheap. Boston is rebuilding and Asik would look great in green.

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2. Sacramento Kings


How about the Sacramento Kings at No.2? The Kings have been incredibly quite this offseason and now is their time to strike. Sacramento can finally cut ties with DeMarcus Cousins and bring in a guy with a ton of upside like Asik.

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1. Dallas Mavericks


The Dallas Mavericks missed out on Howard and now is their chance to snag Asik from the Rockets. Dallas would be able to unload a guy like Shawn Marion and finally get a center to put alongside Dirk Nowitzki. Remember: the Mavs were at their best when Tyson Chandler was controlling the paint, so an Asik trade is a no-brainer.