Michael Phelps' Indecisiveness is Already Getting Annoying

If Michael Phelps was just a regular athlete on a professional sports team like the NFL or NBA, he would be considered a sports villain. He’s really good at what he does, he’s not exactly a role model, he’s been in trouble and he’s extremely indecisive. Does that description not match pretty much every villain in American pro sports?

But Phelps gets a pass because he’s the most decorated Olympian of all-time and he helps Team USA clobber the competition every four years. Well, he might do it again in 2016…if he feels like it. But he might not, even if he feels like it.

Seriously, Phelps’ indecisiveness is about as bad as Dwight Howard‘s earlier this month. To top it off, the legendary swimmer broke his foot while playing golf. How the heck do you break your foot playing golf?! I mean I get mad when I shoot a hundred and a half, but I don’t kick something so hard that I break my foot.

Ok, so Phelps supposedly broke his foot before the tournament and then walked on it all day and made it worse. Well, he’s still got three years to heal before the 2016 Rio Games, so here’s to hoping he’s 100 percent by then so he can compete for Team USA…if he feels like it.