Brandon Jennings Trade is Lateral Move for Detroit Pistons

Brandon Jennings finally has a new home after the Detroit Pistons completed a sign-and-trade deal that will bring the 23-year-old point guard to Detroit after four promising years with the Milwaukee Bucks. At first glance, the move seemed to make the Pistons a very interesting team after they signed Josh Smith this offseason, but they had to give up Brandon Knight in the deal to get Jennings.

So Detroit basically gave up six to get half a dozen. Sure, Jennings could end up being better than Knight, but the goal was to add to the young, budding roster, not interchange the parts. A lot of folks are talking about how this is a such a franchise-changing trade for the Pistons, but I just don’t see it. Jennings isn’t a tier 1 point guard, so Detroit didn’t really get much of an upgrade and it’s not like Jennings is going to be a perfect fit with Smith, so what’s the big deal?

On Milwaukee’s end, the backcourt is now looking bright with Gary Neal and Knight now in the fold with O.J. Mayo. Of course, the Bucks still need someone in the paint, but at least one question has been answered for the team in this odd offseason.