Fast Pitch: Anthony Weiner Fun, Ravens' Ice Cream, Jesus in a Bruins Jersey

Fan Shows Off Epic Tattoo of Jesus Wearing a Boston Bruins Jersey

Religion and sports should never be combined. But that’s exactly what happened in New England when a Boston Bruins fan decided to tattoo Jesus on his leg. Now at first thought, that’s not so bad, but the dude put Jesus in a Bruins jersey! C’mon, man. There’s much better ways to rep your team and your religion.

Richmond Flying Squirrels Plan Hilarious “Salute to Scandal Night” Promotion Poking Fun at Anthony Weiner

Some of the funniest things in sports happen at minor league baseball games and it doesn’t get much better than the promotional night put on by the Richmond Flying Squirrels. To poke fun at New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, the Double-A San Francisco Giants affiliate honored the man involved in a sexting scandal with a dollar hot dog night at the ballpark. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Baltimore Ravens Get Visit From Ice Cream Man at Training Camp

Seeing grown men dance is one of the greatest things about professional sports, but to see Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones excited prance to the ice cream truck at Ravens training camp takes the cake. Be sure to check out the video of him and his teammates acting like small children when the ice cream truck pulled up. It’s pretty priceless.