Houston Astros Trade Bud Norris to the Baltimore Orioles

When Bud Norris was scratched from the starting lineup on Tuesday, it seemed like only a matter of time before he was traded from the Houston Astros. Not only did the Astros end up trading their former pitcher, but it looks like Norris will finish the season out playing for one of the top contenders in the American League–the Baltimore Orioles.

Norris was one of the hottest players on the market with Wednesday’s trade deadline approaching despite the fact he was 6-9 on the season–mainly because everyone knew his record didn’t express his true value. It’s been no secret how much the Astros have struggled for most of the 2013 season and Baltimore hopes the addition of Norris to the rotation will help them stay in the playoff hunt over the final few months of the regular season.

For a player who has spent his entire career in Houston, it will be interesting to see how Norris adjusts with a fresh start on a new team–especially one that happens to be strong playoff contenders. The argument can be made that Norris’ record would be better if he was on a different team other than Houston–so it will be interesting to see what type of impact he makes in Baltimore’s rotation.

As mentioned before, don’t let the 6-9 record fool you considering Norris does have a 3.93 ERA on the season so far–which is currently the second best of his career so far.

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