LeBron James Running for NBA Players Association President is Worst Idea Ever

You know what the NBA needs? More drama. After Billy Hunter‘s messy divorce as director of the Players Association, the union is now looking for a quote unquote “new direction.” You’ll be surprised to know that none other than LeBron James is considering a run to become the new president of the NBPA.

Told you it was more drama.

First of all, the president of the Players Association can’t be someone like LeBron who has no idea what it’s like to be a blue-collar player. The guy has a max contract and gets everything handed to him on a silver platter by the NBA, so having him in charge of the union is the worst idea in the world.

The outgoing president, Derek Fisher, is the perfect example of a blue-collar player who knows what’s best for the Players Association. Let’s put it this way: the pop culture, Hollywood movement of the NBA would be expedited if someone like LeBron was in charge.

Again, this is the worst idea ever but one thing is for sure: the political cartoons surrounding this new presidential candidate would be priceless.