Tiger Woods Criticizing Greens at PGA Championship Proves He's Lost Mojo

Tiger Woods is done. I’ve been saying it for weeks now but most of the golf world is still holding onto hope that he’ll return to being the dominant force he once was. However, that Tiger — the old Tiger — never made excuses for failure. He simply played better the next time on the course. That’s not the case with the new Tiger.

What happened after Tiger choked in the final round of the 2013 British Open? He blamed it on the slow greens. The Tiger who dominated the field by 10 strokes never would have said such a thing. Now over a week before the 2013 PGA Championship, Woods is already complaining about the greens at Oak Hill Country Club, the site of this year’s fourth major tournament.

See? This is the sign of a player who has lost his mojo. Instead of working to get it back, he’s blaming his failure on everything he can’t control. That’s not what champions do; that’s not what legends do. And if Tiger is already checking out the site of the PGA Championship and complaining about it now, imagine how he’ll be once it’s actually time for the tournament. I liked the old Tiger a lot better.