60 Seconds of Shame: Simon Wilson Doesn't Know Anything About Baseball

The BBC’s Washington correspondent Simon Wilson wrote an article calling baseball a metaphor for America because it’s “slickly-packaged razzmatazz.” What?! Razzmatazz?!

This clown thinks baseball is glitzy because the British sport is soccer, which is about as exciting as watching tortoises mate. Americans can make fun of baseball and call baseball players pampered, over-paid and whiny, because they are our pampered, over-paid and whiny players.

See? That was rude, wasn’t it? Well, we wouldn’t have to say things like that if this buffoon hadn’t open his ignorant mouth and fired shots at baseball. It’s America’s pastime! You don’t see Uncle Sam rubbing the American Revolution in the Brits’ faces, so what’s this guy’s problem?

Dude, just shut your pompous British pie hole and stick to your sport where a goal is scored about as often as a royal baby is born.

C’mon, man.