2013 NFL Hall of Fame Game Reaction: Boring, Annoying as Ever

After an agonizing six-month wait, football finally returned on Sunday night! Well, sort of…

The handful of starters who played in the NFL‘s annual Hall of Fame game were rusty and that’s putting it lightly. Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller were the only big names to take the field for the Miami Dolphins and they fumbled the handoff on their very first play. Needless to say, the crowd in Canton, Ohio wasn’t exactly into the game anyway, so that definitely didn’t help.

The few football fans who actually think preseason games matter hooped and hollered when Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker DeVonte Holloman returned an interception 75 yards for a touchdown, but then the person sitting next to them informed them this game didn’t count toward either team’s record this year. After a short, heated discussion, the clueless fans sat quietly for the rest of the game with their heads in their hands, wondering why in the world they came all this way for a glorified scrimmage.

So happy football, folks! Enjoy the rest of the meaningless exhibitions and go…whatever your name is on the field!