LSU Tigers Have No Shame; Jeremy Hill Back on Team Via Lame "Team Vote"

Every single week we have at least one NCAAF team get slammed with recruiting violations or see a program halfheartedly suspend a player for wrongdoings. This week it’s actually neither, but have no fear because the LSU Tigers are making sure that the “crooked as an Illinois politician” line still rings true for College Football programs.

Jeremy Hill was the Tigers’ leading rusher in 2012, but a few off-the-field issues have landed Hill in the doghouse. However, talent rules in the world of College Football and it was just a matter of time before LSU’s weasel of a head coach found a way to get Hill back in a uniform. Rather than having the egg on his face, Les Miles left Hill’s return to the team up to the players…college kids…19 and 20 year olds.

Seriously, a grown man is leaving his star running back’s fate in the hands of young adults?

Funny that whenever the conversation of paying these same kids comes into play, Miles and other meat-head coaches are quick to bring up how immature these young adults are. However, they are plenty mature to decide whether or not someone who just plead guilty to misdemeanor battery should be back on the team. Punk move, Les.

Let’s get one thing straight: Miles is a coward who manipulated the system by incorporating this petty “player vote.”

Meanwhile, Hill can continue to smash fools in Baton Rouge bars and not even think twice about it, Go Tigers!

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