Ranter X: What Did Johnny Manziel Think Would Happen If He Accepted Money For Autographs?

For the love of college football, can we go a whole 24 hours without hearing some new scandal involving Johnny Manziel? I can understand his desire to want to party–I mean Ranter X once went to college and quite frankly he never wanted to leave, but to make a dumb decision to sign autographs in exchange for a big paycheck as a college football player could have been the stupidest thing Manziel has ever done.

The NCAA makes it 100 percent clear to players about how they’re not allowed to profit off of stuff like this and for a guy like Manziel–who arguably may be the most popular college football star of all time–to think this story would never come out is ridiculous. Come on Johnny–the day where you’re stacking cheese, partying with the best, and getting any girl you want will eventually come once you get to the NFL level–you just have to be patient for the few years. Until then, stop making Amanda Bynes-type decisions and have control over yourself man!

The last thing Manziel wants to see happen is his draft stock take a decline whenever he does make the big jump because teams simply can’t trust him. Sure, it’s easy to understand that Manziel is still young and has a lot of growing up to do, but rules are rules when it comes to the NCAA–no matter how popular you are.

If these allegations surrounding the autograph scandal are true–Manziel could find himself in big trouble.