Riley Cooper Should be Banned From Sports as an Example Against Racism

Can someone please explain to me why Riley Cooper is back with the Philadelphia Eagles at training camp? This is the same moron who used the N word at a Kenny Chesney concert, giving the singer, country music in general and southerners everywhere a bad rep. Dude should be exiled from sports because there’s no place for racism there. It’s just plain ignorant and someone who would say something that inconsiderate and stupid shouldn’t be paid truckloads of money to play a game.

Cooper better be glad Jeremy Maclin got hurt or he’d be gone in a heartbeat and he should be gone anyway. Philly should have cut him on the spot when this first happened to send a message to the rest of the sports world that such disgusting behavior is unacceptable.

Now on the same note, there doesn’t need to be any retaliation because that will just bring the other players down to Coopers’ grotesque level. The talks of bounties on Cooper will do nothing but add fuel to the fire that is racism, so if we want those flames to die for good, we’ve got to simply let the powers that be do their jobs. Just let it go, guys. He’ll get what he deserves on the day it matters most.