Tony Stewart Breaks Leg; NASCAR Legend Should Never Change His Wild Ways

Tony Stewart isn’t going to stop racing at these off-the-wall racetracks. In fact, the three-time NASCAR champion is likely going to die on one of these sub-par race ways, which is probably exactly how he’d like to go out.

Far too often, society tries to pull fanatics like Stewart away from the things they love because the obsession is “unbalanced” and “unhealthy.” I’m sorry? Would it be healthier if Stewart indulged in crystal meth? No. Therefore, we need to all leave No. 20 alone and realize that he was born to race.

Due to his obsession with the track, Stewart finds himself in middle-of-nowhere towns quite frequently and Monday was no different as “Smoke” was leading the pack in a 30-lap feature of the Front Row Challenge in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Unfortunately, Josh Higday isn’t nearly as established as Stewart and the former crashed his car so bad that it ended with Stewart taking quite the dive. In fact, the crash was so nasty that it involved the top four drivers of the race and caused Stewart to break both his tibia and fibula. Thus, “Smoke” will surely miss this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen and likely a few races thereafter.

I assure you this: Stewart will be back on the track as soon as humanly possible. Some people are born to write, others are put on this planet to swim…Tony Stewart is a race-car driver and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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