Racism Shows Its Ignorance Again With Vandalism of Jackie Robinson Statue

Apparently the issue of racism in sports is growing instead of decreasing after the Riley Cooper incident. The statue of Jackie Robinson outside of the Brooklyn Cyclones‘ stadium in Coney Island was vandalized with swastikas and racial slurs, meaning we’ve got more moronic fake sports fans running around in civilization.

For starters, whatever idiot did this displayed his ignorance by putting swastikas. Robinson wasn’t Jewish and this ain’t 1933, man! So the “Hail Hitler” garbage written on the statue makes just as little sense as the vandalism in the first place.

Seriously, why are these people doing this? Do they not have lives? Why not go do something productive instead of something like this that does nothing except bring unnecessary annoyance into the world? And why are they up in the middle of the night? Don’t they know that’s when it’s time to sleep?

One thing is for sure: this ignorant act of stupidity won’t affect Robinson’s legacy at all. He was a courageous pioneer who helped paved the way for athletes of all races to play sports together peacefully…or at least the ones who have sense enough to know that all men are created equal. As for the rest of these clowns, they’ll get what’s coming to them on the day it matters most.