Ranter X: Wes Welker Discussing Bill Belichick is Unnecessary

Well what do you know, it turns out Wes Welker is nothing but a scaredy cat. Come on man, you’re part of the Denver Broncos now and when considering how much the New England Patriots influenced your career–why are you going to go and hate on Bill Belichick like that?

You think Belichick’s ways were hard at times to deal with? Well, that’s what good head coaches do you moran! There’s a reason why Belichick is considered one of the smartest individuals (minus Ranter X) to ever coach the game–so maybe Wes should have accepted the fact that these methods clearly work.

Despite being scared of his head coach, at least Welker was still able to produce solid numbers in New England, but what was the point of him bringing this topic up now in Denver? Move on brother–Belichick should be the least of your concerns until you have to face him in an actual game. And when that does happen–don’t be surprised if Billy is trying to scare you even more now that he knows your secret now Wes!

This rivalry will certainly be fun to watch over the next couple of years and if Welker is this worried now–just imagine how he’s going to be feeling once November rolls around. Thank goodness football season is finally here so we can keep an eye on whether or not Welker gets nervous about what his coaches think–even though he claims to be more relaxed in Denver.