Brett Brown Perfect Fit for Philadelphia 76ers Head Coaching Job

The Philadelphia 76ers have been without a head coach for months and with the upcoming NBA season just weeks away, folks in Philly were getting antsy, especially after the offseason moves this team made to improve following the latest episode of the Doug Collins episode. After rumors floated around all weekend, Brett Brown was confirmed as the new coach of the Sixers on Monday.

Brown leaves an assistant coaching job he held with the San Antonio Spurs since 2007 after oever a decade of coaching in Australia. He learned the ways of the NBA from Gregg Popovich and now, just like many Spurs assistants before him, Brown has a team to call his own.

After the 76ers ridded themselves of Andrew Bynum and traded for Nerlens Noel, they needed a skipper to come in and get this new era of Philly basketball rolling. Put simply, there wasn’t a better candidate available to take command of a team with a player like Noel around which to build its future. From his time with the Spurs, Brown knows the discipline-first approach it takes to coach a young team like the Sixers. Of course, now he faces the stress of producing right off the bat because folks in Philly are tired of losing. No pressure, Brett.