Jameis Winston's Jab at Johnny Manziel Should Excite Florida State Fans

Jameis Winston is every football coach’s dream come true. Here’s a kid who has everything it takes to be a winning quarterback at any level of the game. He’s big, strong, fast, athletic, smart, has a cannon for an arm and he has what the folks in Tallahassee are calling the “it” factor. And he apparently doesn’t think Johnny Manziel shares it.

Florida State‘s redshirt freshman sensation took a shot at Manziel during ACC media day, saying he wants to avoid getting “Manziel disease.” Texas A&M‘s polarizing Heisman winner definitely has a problem staying out of the negative spotlight, but instead of simply jabbing at a player he won’t see before a possible bowl game matchup, Winston was simply letting his enormous fan base know he won’t be getting into trouble despite his growing fame.

Folks, there can’t be too much hype surrounding this kid. He has the physical ability to do anything that’s required to help the Seminoles win and he has the mental toughness to overcome any adversity that might come his way during that process. This “it” factor term that’s being thrown around truly applies and that’s why Winston will one day be a regular on late-night shows after putting together an impressive trophy case.