2013 Fantasy Football Impact of Jamaal Charles' "Injury"

When Jamaal Charles was carted off the Kansas City Chiefs‘ practice field, fantasy football owners everywhere panicked, especially those who have already drafted their 2013 teams and selected Charles for their squads. But it turned out that his injury is just a foot sprain and nothing that should affect his hyped season. Still, this little scare should teach all fantasy owners a lesson: handcuffs really are important when you own a stud running back.

Imagine if you had drafted Charles in your fantasy league this year and he had really hurt himself this week. If he was forced to miss significant time, your team’s season might have been over before it got started. That’s why you would have been wise to use your final pick on Charles’ backup. Put simply, there’s a reason why Knile Davis is a rising search term on Google.

Even though Davis likely wouldn’t have put up Charles-type numbers, he would have been better than a backup on another team with a healthy starter. Heck, he would probably catch enough passes out of the backfield in Andy Reid‘s unique version of the West Coast offense to be a serviceable fill-in.

Folks, if you have a stud running back on your fantasy team who is injury-prone, you simply cannot afford to enter the season without a handcuff. Consider Charles’ close call a friendly reminder.