Dez Bryant Has Legitimate Beef With Johnny Manziel, But Should Focus On NFL

There is no more defending the NCAA.

This organization in particular is made up of a bunch of money-sucking cretins, who specialize in hypocrisy and self gain.

With that being said, Dez Bryant has a legitimate grip with the aforementioned powers that be in College Football. In particular, the Dallas Cowboys‘ wide receiver is still upset about the 10-game suspension that he was given in 2009 for lying about a lunch he had with Deion Sanders. Of course, Bryant could have avoided the issue completely if he simply told the truth, but No. 88 doesn’t exactly see it that way.

Instead, Bryant has recently used the Johnny Manziel autograph saga to show just how bad the NCAA has handled suspensions in general. When asked about whether or not he would be mad is Johnny Football didn’t get suspended for supposedly being paid for said autographs, Bryant had this wonderful response:

“Hell, yeah, I’ll be mad.”

Obviously the former Oklahoma State Cowboys great has a few sour grapes about what the NCAA is letting Manziel getting away with, allegedly. However, the Cowboys’ wide receiver did get one thing right as he defended Mr. Football by saying ” I don’t think anything is illegal about signing your name on a picture of yourself.” I agree 100% with Bryant, but the rules are the rules and if anyone knows that it’s the Dallas standout.

For now, we sit idly by and wait for the NCAA to botch yet another suspension.

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