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2013 Fantasy Football Draft Video Strategy Guide: Top 10 Picks, Waiting Game, More

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How to Dominate Your 2013 Fantasy Football Draft

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The first round of all fantasy football drafts are going to be squirrely this year. Many will do their research and realize that it's foolish to take a quarterback really early because there are so many that will provide plenty of points. But there are still some who will select Aaron Rodgers with their first-round pick, regardless of who else is on the board. Don't be that person.

Of course, waiting on a quarterback isn't the only thing you need to know this year. The old football law of coveting running backs has been taken to a whole new level and receivers are now playing a new role in the fantasy game as well. Familiar names won't be thought of in the first three rounds while new players will become household names as early as Week 1. Of course, all of this will affect the way you approach your fantasy football draft.

Seriously, if you haven't redone your strategy this year, you need to read this and watch the video above. You'll thank us later.

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1st Overall Pick

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If you have the first overall pick and you don't pick Adrian Peterson, you deserve to lose. There's no other player who will score more points this year and no other player who is more reliable each and every week to deliver.

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2nd Overall Pick

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The second pick is tricky this year because it should be Arian Foster as the easy choice, but his injury concerns have caused many fantasy owners to shy away. You'd be fine here with any other elite back: Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice, Doug Martin, CJ Spiller, Jamaal Charles or LeSean McCoy.

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Picks 3-6

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If you have any of these picks, then any of the stud running backs are easy choices. If you take Lynch, Rice, Martin, Spiller, Charles, McCoy or Foster if he falls to you then you're set for the season.

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7th Overall Pick

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At seven, you will still have plenty of options for a stud running back unless you're feeling brave or you're in a PPR league. Then you can definitely get away with taking Calvin Johnson here. There's no harm in taking a consistent stud who might tally 2,000 yards this year.

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Picks 8-10 and QBs

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When you get near the end of the first round, you might start to eye some of those "elite" quarterbacks if everything else has gone correctly in the first seven picks with all running backs and possibly Megatron in the mix. But don't do it! Even if Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are gone in the first round, wait for the help because it's there! Instead of missing out on Alfred Morris and taking Tom Brady, wait until round six and get Andrew Luck, who will have just as many fantasy points as the Patriots' fragile signal-caller. Seriously, the difference in the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks last year was 60 total points, so take our advice and wait on a passer this year. You'll thank us later.