Donovan McNabb Needs a Muzzle After Moronic "Brainwashed" Comments About Robert Griffin III

Will someone please put a muzzle on Donovan McNabb? For whatever reason, this washed-up quarterback thinks he needs to share his words of ignorance with the world about a team for which he played less than one season. That’s right, McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman after being traded to the Washington Redskins, yet he thinks he knows everything about Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

McNabb went on the record Wednesday to say that Washington signal-caller Robert Griffin III has been brain-washed by the Shanahanigans in D.C., simply because RG3 said he doesn’t want to talk to the old passer who was overrated even when he was relevant in the NFL.

So that automatically means Griffin is being brainwashed? Is every person in the world who doesn’t want to talk to McNabb brainwashed? Maybe some people just don’t like this loud-mouth has-been.

Donovan, just stop talking. Nobody cares what you think. You were benched for Rex Grossman on a team that only won six games. I’d tell a Pop Warner quarterback not to talk to you, much less a former Heisman Trophy winner coming off an ACL tear. Somebody put a muzzle on this guy because I’m losing brain cells just thinking about it.