Rex Ryan Still a Moron, Foolishly Calls Geno Smith's Wednesday Practice "Brutal"

I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again: Rex Ryan is the worst coach in the NFL and the New York Jets‘ front office is idiotic for still allowing him to show up to training camp.

Year after year, Ryan makes the story about him rather than the Jets’ players and 2013 is no different. However, in addition to the sideshow that Ryan brings upon the team on a daily basis, he has also added “throwing rookie quarterbacks under the bus” to his already disgraceful resume. I feel sorry for any player that has be with Ryan on daily basis and his recent critique of Geno Smith is exactly why New York needs a new head coach.

Apparently, Smith had an awful practice on Wednesday, which compelled Ryan to get on the podium after the day was through and say this about Smith’s outing:

“It was brutal…That was Geno’s worst day.”

Really, Rex? Where is this kind of criticism for Mark Sanchez who is statistically the worst quarterback to even step on the field in the last three years? It’s just disgusting how Ryan continues to make jokes about the Jets’ offense and what’s the most troubling part of it all? New York still employs this clown!

Smith doesn’t need his head coach to say how awful his August practice was, because I’m sure the second-year quarterback knows that four-interceptions days aren’t good. Once again, if the Jets hope to climb out of the AFC East cellar, they need to rid themselves of Ryan as the moron is making everyone in a Jets’ uniform dumber.

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