Madden 25 Looks Impressive But Gameplay Doesn't Seem the Same

The most hyped sports video game in history has finally released its demo as Madden 25 dropped this week with its incredible graphics and more new features than a 2014 luxury sedan. But as an old-school football soul and a huge Tecmo Bowl fan, I can’t say I’m that impressed.

Look, it’s absolutely incredible those guys can make the veins on Robert Griffin III‘s arms so extremely realistic…actually eerily realistic. But does that make the game more fun?

Well, if you’re a new-age gamer who wants the video simulation to be as close to a real NFL game as possible, then Madden 25 is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread for you. But as cool as the new game looks, it can’t be as much fun as playing with extremely pixelated players that all look exactly the same and just four plays to choose from.

I mean really, how many people are going to stop and use the foot-plant control in this new game? It was enough to blow your mind when Madden added the juke feature back when the Dallas Cowboys were good. Yes, we know that was basically the ice age.

Call me crazy, an old grump or worse, but I’m just not that impressed with this new game. It looks really cool, but give me the classic game for some real fun.