Mark Sutton's Tragic Death: Wing-Diver Went Out Doing What He Loved Most

If you participate in the opening ceremony at the Olympics, you’re a pretty big deal. Mark Sutton did just that at the 2012 London Games when he parachuted in dressed as James Bond. But the 007 performer won’t do anything like that again after he tragically passed away in a wing-diving accident in the Swiss Alps.

The term extreme sports doesn’t do justice what Sutton did for a living. In his final act, he jumped from a helicopter near Trient, Switzerland and crashed into a mountain ridge just minutes later. Wing-diving involves gliding with a special jumpsuit and then parachuting to a relatively safe landing.

The bright side is that Sutton died doing what he loves. There are millions of men his age that would love to go out the way he did, but that doesn’t make the heartache any less severe for his family and friends. The thoughts and prayers of the Rant Sports family go out to those close to Sutton. He was 42 years old.