It's Foolish to Blame Dustin Keller's Injury on NFL's New Rule Against Head Shots

So much for the explosive Miami Dolphins offense in Ryan Tannehill‘s second season — Dustin Keller basically destroyed his right knee in every way possible in Miami’s second preseason game on Saturday and he will miss the 2013 season. That’s an even bigger deal for the former New York Jets tight end considering he only signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins.

When looking at the other tight ends on Miami’s roster, none of them jump off the page as guys who can step in and replace Keller in the starting lineup. Now Tannehill’s security blanket is no longer there and he must look to the highly-paid Dolphins receivers downfield, which is sure to make his sophomore campaign a little tougher.

On the flip side, a new argument is being made against the NFL‘s new rule against high hits because Houston Texans rookie safety D.J. Swearinger said he hit Keller low to avoid the penalty. Now many believe this new rule that is supposedly changing the style of play among in NFL secondaries will result in more knee injuries.

So basically, the same folks who were making noise about head injuries are now saying knee injuries are more important. It sounds like these folks just like to complain because that makes no sense. Football players have been hitting each other in the knees since the game was invented! That’s not new! It’s part of the game that involves tackling. Get a clue, dude.