Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Denied 50-Game Ban; Will His Stubborness Pay Off?

The last time I checked; a 211-game suspension is far worse than a 50-game suspension.

Moreover, why in the world would Alex Rodriguez deny a 50-game suspension from MLB this April just to get nailed with a massive 211-game ban just a few months later like the reports say? Apparently, the A-Rod camp claims its as innocent as can be — of course — and also think that Rodriguez doesn’t even deserves a slap on the wrist let alone a hefty suspension.

Well, this whole ordeal has gone from a “he-said he-said” situation to one with plenty of facts, and this latest report has us all questioning A-Rod’s sanity. Honestly — what kind of egomaniac would deny a mere 50-game suspension, when all of the evidence has lined up against Rodriguez straighter than a foul pole?

The most recent report regarding the New York Yankees‘ third baseman is that the Rodriguez camp ratted out both Ryan Braun and fellow Yankees teammate Francisco Cervelli to MLB just to save No. 13’s rear end. Being a snitch isn’t against the rules, but it’s going to be hard pressed to find a single MLB player who would call A-Rod anything but a coward.

With that being said, how Bud Selig-esque would it be if Rodriguez somehow weaseled out of the 211-game ban looming over his head? Anyway, the rubber is about to hit the road as A-Rod currently has lawsuits against both the Yankees’ medical department and MLB pending.

Get ready for some fun in the courtroom, baseball fans!

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