LeBron James' Alleged Mistress, Carmen Ortega, Just as Clueless as the King

It was only a matter of time before the most popular active athlete in the world took a fall from grace. Wait, didn’t that happen in 2010?

After back-to-back title and MVPs, LeBron James had finally gotten a lot of the sports world’s negative attention away from him and his popularity has been growing ever since. That was all to be captivated by the wedding that’s set for Sept. 14 when Bron Bron was to wed his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson. But that might be put on hold.

Terez Owens and Bossip have both released reports that model Carmen Ortega had an affair with the self-proclaimed King and then dumped him when she found out LeBron was already locked down. Wait, what?!

Has this Twodel been living under a rock? LeBron has been with Brinson since high school. Heck, their oldest son is almost 10!

But then again, this is the same “model” who had an affair with Reggie Bush and then dropped him like a bad habit for the same reason, so go figure.

And what the heck is James thinking here? Sure, he’s probably got self-titled models throwing themselves at him all the time, but his baby mama is basically a model herself. LeBron must have been hanging out with Tiger Woods or something because dude definitely ain’t got no sense.