2013 Heisman Trophy: Top 5 Candidates Most Likely To Take Home Award

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Top 5 Heisman Trophy Candidates For 2013 College Football Season

Top 5 Heisman Trophy Candidates For 2013 College Football Season
Jerry Lai - USA TODAY sports

The Heisman Trophy is one of the few sports awards that hasn't turned into a complete popularity contest. While you can argue that the honor was diminished when Reggie Bush returned his 2005 Heisman trophy, this accolade has remained a college football mainstay for the better part of 77 years for a reason.

In year's prior, NCAAF fans have had a preseason favorite to haul in the Heisman, but this year the field appears to be wide open. With that being said, there are at least a handful of players, who could easily make a push for the bronze honor this year.

Weeks of pondering about the next Heisman Trophy winner will soon be over as the 2013 College Football regular season begins in exactly a week on August 29th.

The South Carolina Gamecocks are one of the 17 collegiate teams playing on that great opening day and they have one player who has caught the eye of football fans across the country. Jadeveon Clowney is the Gamecocks' powerful defensive end as he notched 13 sacks last season and was a total defensive stopper. However, a few of Clowney's eye-popping hits landed him in a elite Heisman-hopeful category that he may or may not deserve.

Clowney has said in the past that he wants to break the NCAA record of 27 sacks in one season, but the odds of that happening are poor to say the least.

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Heisman Hopeful No. 5: Lache Seastrunk

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When Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy in 2010, the college football world was shocked to say the least. Well, the Baylor Bears are hoping for some deja-vu three years later as Lache Seastrunk looks to finish his junior season with some hardware. No running back ended the 2012 season on a stronger note than Seastrunk, who rushed for at least 130 yards in four of his last five games. If you're looking for a dark horse Heisman candidate then Seastrunk is your guy!

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Heisman Hopeful No. 4: Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel had an awful offseason, but the fall months are nearing which means that Johnny Football can go back to...playing football. Despite rumors that he cashed in on a few autographs -- so what? -- the Texas A&M quarterback has the opportunity to win over college football fans for the second straight season. With a new offensive coordinator in his ear, Manziel may encounter a few growing pains in his sophomore campaign, but nothing that should keep him out of the Heisman conversation for very long.

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Heisman Hopeful No. 3: Jadeveon Clowney

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We all know Jadeveon Clowney's name, but only a few fans know about his team's depleted defense. Clowney may be the best athlete in the country, but his sack numbers are sure to diminish this year as the Gamecocks' defense has seven first-time starters. In addition, everyone in the stadium will have their eyes fixated on Clowney, which means his defensive prowess won't take anyone by storm.

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Heisman Hopeful No. 2: A.J. McCarron

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No one in the country was more efficient then A.J. McCarron in 2012 and he has a second straight National Championship to prove it. However, I'm sure the Alabama Crimson Tide signal caller would love to leave Tuscaloosa with a Heisman Trophy -- simply to show up Johnny Manziel. McCarron tossed 30 touchdowns last year and was only picked off 3 times...does it get any better than that?

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Heisman Hopeful No. 1: Braxton Miller

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Braxton Miller is easily the deadliest quarterback in college football. This dual-threat signal-caller can throw for over 3,000 yards and turn around and rush for another 1,000 yards -- he's that good. The only critique for Miller is that he's been forced to mature so fast under Urban Meyer's offense that the growing pains may be aplenty in his junior year. Either way, I see him taking the podium this year as college football's most potent player.

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