Ryan Braun Admits To, Apologizes For PED Use; When Will Other MLB Stars Confess?

It was just a matter of time before Ryan Braun spoke up about his 65-game suspension and PED use, so he naturally took the cowardly route and issued a “statement.” The infamous apology appeared to be from Braun’s heart, but this Milwaukee Brewers‘ outfield has shown us all that he can’t be trusted. However, let’s leave the Braun issue in the past and instead shed the light on some of the most hypocritical people on the face of the Earth.

MLB fans.

Sure — the popular thing to do right now is call Braun and Alex Rodriguez out because they sit on such a high pedestal, but should they really be punished more just because they were better players than fellow cheater Everth Cabrera? No.

Unfortunately, hypocrisy has been a part of the game for at least the last decade. Remember when Andy Pettitte admitted that he indeed used PEDs in the early 2000s? What about Jason Giambi? As I recall, the hatred toward these superstars was hardly intense compared to the backlash Braun has gotten in recent weeks. To make matters even worse, Pettitte and Giambi are both still playing and are heralded as fan favorites!

If you’re going to “despise” Braun and A-Roid for cheating the game, then you better feel the same way about Giambi and Pettitte because what they did is equally shallow.

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