Vin Scully Returns To Booth For 2014; Los Angeles Dodgers Eye World Series Title

Whenever you think of professional broadcasters, an image of Vin Scully calling a Los Angeles Dodgers game should pop up. Scully alone has represented one MLB franchise for the better part of six decades! Starting way back in 1950, this Dodgers’ legend has been on hand for all of the team’s most enthralling games. It’s safe to say that Scully has one of the best jobs in the entire world, and he’s doesn’t want to give it away just yet.

Despite rumors that the 2013 season would be Scully’s last as the Dodgers’ play-by-play voice, the 85-year old has decided that retirement can wait, thus he will be calling Dodgers games next year as well. However, we must first mention that the National Baseball Hall of Famer had to run his intentions by his wife first, who responded with a simple “why not?.”

With the A-OK from his wife of 40 years, Scully can now focus on doing what he does best…being Vin Scully.

Whether its interesting anecdotes or a rousing home run call, the “voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers” has enjoyed his career ever since he first got his start as a 20-year old covering the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Now that Scully is firmly cemented in the booth for another year, the players on the field are now pressured to bring Los Angeles its first World Series Title since 1988.

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