Lamar Odom: Keeping Up With Kardashians Turns Into An Episode Of Intervention

Stop me if you’ve heard this before; a Hollywood couple is nearing a divorce. However, this particular breakup involves crack cocaine, a two-time NBA champion and Khloe Kardashian, which makes it bigger than the entire universe.

Lamar Odom became a well-liked figure during his countless appearances on the hit TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” but he is now in the national doghouse after reportedly denying a Kardashian-led intervention. Surely, there is some concern over the former-NBA star’s health as this is the second time in a year that Odom has been begged to attend a drug-rehabilitation clinic due to his crack cocaine habits.

Unfortunately, Odom was kicked out of his home by Khloe and reports say he’s had no contact with anyone for the last 72 hours. Evidently, Khloe has tried and tried to make Odom go straight, yet her attempts have been futile to say the least. Now, the Odom-Khloe relationship is as rocky as ever and the 14-year NBA veteran will likely never play professional basketball again.

This begs the question; would you turn to drugs if you had to deal with Kim, Khloe, Kris and the gang? Regardless of your answer, Odom doesn’t have the luxury of nosediving into obscurity because he is a role model in the eyes of countless NBA fans. Although he did average a career-low four points per game in 2013, he built up quite the following during his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2004-10.

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