Fast Pitch: Miami Heat Scammed, Jeremy Linsanity Movie, Larry Sanders' Tattoo

Milwaukee Bucks’ Larry Sanders Gets Tattoo Spelled Terribly Wrong

It’s one thing to be a lesser-known NBA player with cool tattoos, but to be such a player with a tattoo that spelled incorrectly? That’s just brutal. But Larry Sanders has the word “received” spelled wrong on his left hand and the picture is on Instagram for everyone to see. Connor Muldowney posted it in our Clubhouse section for a classic head-shaking moment.

Jeremy Lin Movie Trailer Looks Cool, But Is It Too Soon For Linsanity Movie?

Remember Linsanity? Yeah, me neither. But apparently someone does because there’s a movie in the making about Jeremy Lin, who is evidently the greatest basketball player of all time after one good game with the New York Knicks and one incredibly average season with the Houston Rockets. Go figure, but the trailer looks pretty good. Connor Muldowney’s got it for you to judge.

Miami Heat Players Taken Advantage Of in Serious Real Estate Scam

It’s fun to hate the Miami Heat, but this latest fail crosses the line. Well, almost. Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis celebrated their championship this summer by losing $8 million in a real estate scam in South Florida. The two genius NBA players gave a truckload of money to Haider Zafar, who took it and disappeared. Funny how that happens. Our Clubhouse star, Connor Muldowney, has the details.

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