Ranter X: Arrest Warrant Issued For Titus Young

If you gave a person the option to choose between a basket filled with millions of dollars in cash and another basket consisting of David Spade movies, Titus Young would be that idiot who chooses the basket full of Spade movies.

Seriously, how dumb can this former Detroit Lions wide receiver be? It was already crazy enough to hear all of his arrests stories that have taken place within the last year, but just when you think Titus couldn’t go out and pull another stupid act out of his hat–a warrant is issued for his arrest after he skipped another pre-trial hearing.

Come on pal, if there’s ANY bit of hope of you turning your life around, you can’t be skipping appearances in court. What can you possibly be doing where you’re too busy to show up to court–starting a new franchise with the Detroit Lions in Madden and boosting your stats up to 99 so you can win MVP in video game world?

I haven’t seen anyone act this stupid since those executives at Warner Bros decided to name Ben Affleck the next Batman in the upcoming Superman sequel. Oh wait, that was just last week, but you get the point I’m trying to make.

Mr. Young, you need to stop being an idiot if you’re going to have any chance of turning your life around. Otherwise, you’re only going to continue setting us up with more jokes to use against you as there will be a good chance you perform another stupid act down the road.