NFL Reaches $765 Million Settlement With Ex-Players; Silly Rules Now Over?

The most popular sports league in America swallowed its pride on Thrusday.

After years of ex-NFL players gripping about concussions and other football-related injuries, commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL brass finally buckled. According to reports, the NFL has reached a settlement which will result in $765 million going towards those with concussion-related lawsuits.

In essence, each player in the lawsuit will reportedly receive about $170,000.

Whether you agree or disagree with this ruling, you have to be excited with the fact that the NFL will no longer have this awful lawsuit looming over its head. Besides, football is so popular right now that this league can afford to throw its injury-riddled veterans a few bucks.

However, the one thing that I’m curious about is if this settlement will at all impact current NFL players. In light of Dustin Keller‘s gruesome knee injury, many players — Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, especially — have spoken up about how unnecessarily safe the NFL’s lawmakers have made the game. One can only hope that the NFL will now ditch the “Flag football” rules that they have recently implemented, because football fans and players have grown disgusted with textbook defensive hits going for 15-yard penalties.

The ball is in your court, Roger.

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