60 Seconds of Shame: NCAA's Epic Fail at Discipline, Morals

The NCAA is either the dumbest entity in the world or the most corrupt. Actually, it might be a little of both.

North Carolina gets in trouble for faking grades and forging professors’ signatures. The NCAA gives them a slap on the wrist. Social media wasn’t the only thing to blame for these players’ bad spelling and grammar.

The NCAA made money off student-athletes’ names for years, but stopped because that’s suddenly a terrible thing to do. Right, and Mike Tyson just now discovered that biting is rude.

Johnny Manziel gets in trouble for paid autographs, so they talk to him for six hours and decide he didn’t do anything. Hello, genius investigators! Sometimes people who do bad things lie about it.

But they know that. The NCAA has come with the message that money is good, it’s okay to cheat and lie about it. Next thing we know, professional athlete will be gun-toting drug addicts. Oh, wait…


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