Boxing Legend Tommy Morrison Dies At 44

Boxers are some of the most confusing athletes in the sports world, but it’s still mind boggling when one of them pass away far too soon. Tommy Morrison lived his life to the fullest, and at 44 years old his fast-paced lifestyle finally caught up to him. Morrison’s longtime promoter Tony Holden claims that the 1993 heavyweight champion died in a Nebraska hospital on Sunday.

A 44-year-old Morrison would have traded anything to go back about 20 years and do his life over, yet that just isn’t going to happen. After starting his career a perfect 28-0, Morrison would become a staple in the boxing circle, but it was mostly because of his antics outside of the ring.

Competing in the 1990’s, Morrison’s excellence was often overshadowed by all-time greats like Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Lennox Lewis. While Morrison never faced Tyson, he did upset Foreman in grand fashion and is one of just five fighters to have ever gotten the best of “Big George.”

Unfortunately, Morrison’s massive ego landed him in a tough spot more often than not.

Constant run-ins with the law finally landed Morrison behind bars as the infamous boxer was sentenced to two years in prison in 2000, but a violation of his parole earned Morrison another year added onto his sentence in 2002. In addition, Morrison reportedly tested positive for HIV in 2006, which he would deny from the get-go and call a “conspiracy.”

With the cause of Morrison’s death still unknown, it wouldn’t be a total shock if the ex-heavyweight champion had fallen victim to the HIV virus.

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