Jared Sullinger's Arrest Suggests Something's in the Water in Boston

What’s in the water in Boston? New England-area athletes are losing their minds these days. Jared Sullinger was the latest pro player in Beantown to go nuts when he was arrested for allegedly pinning his girlfriend to the floor and taking her cellphone when she tried to call the police. And of course, he pleaded not guilty.

As if things weren’t going roughly for Sullinger, now he’s looking at jail time although he’s out on bail while waiting for his Sept. 19 court date. Once thought to be the next big thing in the NBA Draft, he fell all the way to No. 21 in 2012 and hasn’t exactly set the woods on fire with the Boston Celtics.

Will somebody in Boston please check the water? Aaron Hernandez‘s insane actions are enough to warrant a city state of emergency and now Sullinger has shown there’s definitely something going on there. Should Jenny Dempster be worried?