Michael Beasley Getting Waived by Phoenix Suns is Head-Scratching

Life is pretty bad for an NBA player when he’s waived by the Phoenix Suns. Michael Beasley was the No. 2 overall pick back in 2008 but was let go by Phoenix’s lowly franchise on Tuesday. Of course, Beasley’s recent marijuana arrest certainly didn’t help, but even then, the Suns need all the help they can get so Beasley’s release was still a little surprising.

I mean really, the Suns waited almost a month after the arrest to give the former Kansas State star the pink slip, so why the delay? Well, Suns president Lon Babby sure didn’t have a good answer for that question.

Phoenix’s clueless leader said his team was devoted to Beasley’s success, but had to maintain standards of a championship culture. Umm, last time I check, the Suns were ringless. Unfortunately, we can’t turn that into a LeBron James joke anymore.

But seriously, the Suns need a reality check. Phil Jackson, anyone?